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"We are not just friends...this is family right here." Skater Drew

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TRANSIT ARTS, a program of Central Community House (CCH), is a youth arts development program working in partnership with the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, members of the Columbus Federation of Settlements, and more than 100 additional partners over the past year. TRANSIT ARTS transports young people to a place of discovery -- where creative abilities expand & doors open to a world of possibilities. Our team of inspiring professional artists guide and learn from young people as we travel together to reveal and nurture our talents and entrepreneurial abilities.

TRANSIT ARTS engages young people, ages 12-21, with a wide variety of interactive, multi-disciplinary arts workshops. Workshops are FREE for youth members. TRANSIT ARTS activities are made possible through support from: The United Way of Central Ohio; The Franklin County Board of Commissioners and The Greater Columbus Arts Council through the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education; The Ohio Arts Council; The Columbus Foundation; and individual contributors. *The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners

Central Community House is a comprehensive community center serving near east and near south neighborhoods of Columbus since 1936. It was created as part of the Settlement House movement that brought social services to dwell within in the neighborhoods where the community had the most needs. In this neighbor-to-neighbor, grassroots way, the community members worked together creating a hub where they could give and receive help, quickly and efficiently responding to the most pressing issues and opportunities in their own area at any given time. Settlement Houses hold to the philosophy of building creative partnerships among people of all races and economic levels for the purpose of creating a society of equal justice and opportunity for all. In this tradition, Central Community House serves as a catalytic agent for neighborhood improvement and increased quality of life. We have a long history of success offering programs such as early education child care, afterschool/summer programs, TRANSIT ARTS/teen development, Seniors Program, neighborhood development and advocacy, family strengthening, social work services, basic/emergency materials assistance and workforce development.

The Central Community House mission is to empower people to reach their full potential, to be self-supporting and to live cooperatively with all others.



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TRANSIT ARTS c/o Central Community House 1150 East Main Street Columbus OH 43205 614-252-3157 Ext. 128


Andre Barrett, Jr. - Dancer/Musician/Poet/IT Pro

andre barrett photo

Andre Barrett, Jr. is a pianist, music producer, poet, and dancer with TRANSIT ARTS. He also is a graduate of Devry University and an I.T. professional at the Columbus Museum of Art. He graduated from South High School in Columbus already having earned two years of college credits. He is a member of both the administrative and artistic team at TRANSIT ARTS and is frequently out in the schools working to inspire students to expand their learning and potential through the creative industries.

As a recurring member, Andre has been a supporting role with Transit Arts, both in the field and behind the scenes. Given the opportunity, he has been able to perform in multiple locations and events across Columbus including, The Arts Festival, Comfest, and the Harmony Project. Wanting to further his passions into the arts, he decided to contribute his growing knowledge of piano and music theory into the curriculum of TRANSIT ARTS. He is a part of the growing TRANSIT ARTS Band, and hosts a beginner’s course of music production as well as the TRANSIT ARTS Jam Sessions with Jordan (BBX) Reid.

BBX The Beatbox Extraordinaire - The Beatbox Extraordinaire

bbx t shirt  

BBX (Jordan Reid) on Facebook

Jordan Reid, professionally known as B.B.X., is a young entertainer who has gone forward to claim victories in Beat Box Battles and has performed from coast to coast.

As well as being a competing beat-boxer he has given demonstrations on beat-boxing at Tiffin University, Upper Arlington's Hastings Middle School, and TRANSIT ARTS programs around Columbus. He has been a featured artist with TRANSIT ARTS at numerous venues including Miami University, The United Way Celebration of Excellence, TEDx Columbus, The King Arts Complex, The Ohio Theatre, The Columbus Museum of Art, and many more.

B.B.X. serves as an example of high achievement through an art form that is all self-inspired. The hopes of the workshop are to develop self-confidence and creativity with the highest hopes of producing positive entertainment from the entrepreneurial spirit. 

B.B.X. is also an accomplished D.J. and drummer and leads a percussion circle and music Jam for TRANSIT ARTS. 

BHB - D.J. & Hip Hop Artist

dj bhbbhb dancing

BHB (Brother’s helping Bruthas) has been dejaying for over 20 years. While growing up on the north side of Columbus, BHB learned how to dejay from his babysitter at the age of 8. From that day forward he began dejaying for various parties and high school functions. As time went on he relocated to the east side of Columbus and became more involved with the community. As an active contributor in the community, BHB founded The Hip Hop Expo using hip hop as a positive vehicle to deter young people away from negative activities. The Expo has been going on strong for 15 years at the Columbus Convention Center every year. He then began dejay and dance workshops with CAPACITY and Directions for Youth and later moved on with TRANSIT ARTS. He also founded the Hip Hop Orgins, traveling to various Columbus and suburban libraries to teach the youth about the origins of Hip Hop. BHB has had a series of live performances with people such as Foley, Mint Condition, Stretch Lefty, The Roots, Macy Gray, Cris Daddy Daves, Slum Village, Guilty Simpson, Murs, Jai Carey, Dominique Larue, and S.P.I.R.I.T. BHB has participated with Transit Arts at first night Columbus, The Arts Festival, River Fest and The Ohio State Fair. He has also performed at Comfest, Hot Times Fest, Labor Day Festival, Coming Home Festival, Juneteenth, and the Ohio Hip Hop Awards (finalist w/ Jai Carey). BHB has performed at a plethora of Colleges such as Ohio State University, Cleveland State University, Wilberforce, Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio University, Ohio Dominican, Capitol University, Kentucky State University, DePaul University, and Central State University. In addition, he has choreographed for the play The Adventures of Pan, rap group LNB, Comfest, TRANSIT ARTS, CAPACITY, Godman Guild, Directions for Youth, Taneal, The Academy of Urban Dance and Fitness and his very own dance crew Styles n Moshun. BHB has won the Hot Times Festival Honored Artist award for contributing in the community, Who’s Who in Columbus award, and Champion for the Cause award from Freedom Suite. He has been featured on the front page of Columbus Alive, featured in the Columbus Dispatch, The Other Paper, The Lantern, Fly paper, and Hot Times. For more information on upcoming events check out his website HERE

Richard Duarte Brown - Visual Artist/ Writer

Visit: for more info about Duarte. 

Richard Duarte Brown

Mixed Media Painter

Learning from those we teach. 

“I found out right away that in order for me to establish a relationship with students it was very important to appeal to them with the culture of honor. I honored them as potential learners no matter where they appeared on the cultural, social, behavioral, or economic measurement curves.  I discovered that labels meant to identify and distinguish could become barriers for each student as well as the teacher. So I have found it necessary to look past the label and get to know the person.”  Richard Duarte Brown 


Richard Duarte Brown, born in Atlantic City New Jersey march 26, 1957 known as Duarte, is a master artist with the TRANSIT ARTS Youth Arts Program and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education's Art in the House Program.  For more than 20 years, Duarte has dedicated his talents to helping young people in Columbus through countless programs including CAPACITY (CAPA's Youth Arts Program), the Short Stop Youth Center, the King Arts Complex, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education's (and formerly GCAC's) Artists-in-Schools program, GCAC's Children of the Future, Ebony Boys, Art Safe and VSA Ohio.  Duarte has also worked as a high school art instructor at the Arts and College Preparatory Academy in Columbus.  His murals can be seen throughout the city bringing comfort and inspiration to countless viewers.  Many of his students have gone on to college and careers in the creative industries and many others have simply become important contributors to the well-being of our community by embracing their responsibilities as parents, audience members, arts consumers and more.  Duarte has the special gift of engaging people from all backgrounds and bringing them together through his creative spirit.  Deeply influenced by Mr. William Steele, his fifth grade teacher, Duarte wrote a book in 2012, The Steele Influence, dedicated to Steele's profound impact on his life.  He recently graduated from Ohio Dominican and received one of the highest awards from the university.  Duarte has carried on the gift of an educator who has the power to change a child's life and inspires young people throughout Columbus to be resourceful and relentless in following their dreams. 

Jackie Calderone - TRANSIT ARTS Director

photo group

Jackie Calderone has played many roles throughout her arts career including: presenter, funder, booking agent, fundraiser, evaluator, panelist, board member, educator, and artist. Calderone pulls from these diverse experiences to help organizations and individuals uncover a greater capacity to create, connect, and deepen relationships with their changing communities. Calderone is the Director of TRANSIT ARTS, Artists on the Move, launched in 2007. TRANSIT ARTS is a program of Central Community House and engages young people throughout Columbus through the six members of the Columbus Federation of Settlement Houses. TRANSIT ARTS is working in partnership with the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education and a wide variety of artists, arts organizations and other community-based organizations. She received an Artists-in-Communities grant from the Ohio Arts Council in 2007 to create an interdisciplinary project titled “What’s Your Dream?” in collaboration with a variety of outstanding artists and young people based in Columbus. In 1998 Calderone was invited to become CAPA’s first Director of Education and in 1999 created the CAPACITY program, expanding on the model of her innovative work with the nationally acclaimed Short Stop Teen Center. Calderone was the creative force behind the Short Stop Teen Center and Third Avenue Performance Space (a National Performance Network site). Her passion for community-based arts was sparked during her seven years at the Ohio Arts Council where she coordinated the Dance and Jazz Music programs. She has served on numerous National Endowment for the Arts panels and has designed and lead workshops for organizations which include Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, The National Performance Network, The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Dance USA and many more. Until 1989 she performed with an ensemble directed by noted choreographer John Giffin and she continues to collaborate with her husband, national touring artist Robert Post (

Jai Carey - Emcee/Producer

Jai Carey Photo


Jai Carey was raised on hip hop, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, and a split between New York education and Columbus Ohio public schools. He is a Hip Hop/freestyle emcee influenced heavily by hip hop and geek culture and has been rhyming since the age of 12 and performing since 2000. Evident in the creativity both within his writing and his freestyle ability, he has demonstrated on numerous occasion his willingness to go above and beyond the average lyricist by becoming the first person to ever win back to back emcee freestyle battle championships in the Ohio hip hop showcase and the Ohio Hip Hop Expo, as well the first person ever to win the Ohio Hip Hop Expo and the Ohio hip hop showcase in the same year and the only 8 time emcee battle champion for the event. He has been nominated for 6 Ohio Hip Hop Awards including Best live Performance 2008 and 2014 with His band 8 bit genetic code, best lyricist 2012 and 2013, People's Choice Award 2008, and Best New Group with 8 bit genetic code for 2014, as well as performed during SXSW in both 2013 and 2014. Crafting metaphors that exceed the expectations of the current hip hop community, with topics as creative as they are complex, Jai has elevated himself to stand apart from other rappers in his generation. With a smooth poetic delivery complimented by a constant changing rhythmic flow reminiscent of jazz scat, this one of a kind lyricist takes pride in combating poor lyricism through concepts that range from conscious awareness to scientific and mathematically calculated word play, but also provides a complete 180 with his catchy club songs riddled with punch lines that would quench the current dry spell in modern rap music.



Malik Carrington - Visual Artist/Apprentice Artist

Malik portraitmalik painting

Malik Carrington is an apprentice artist with TRANSIT ARTS and The Ohio Alliance for Arts Education's Art in the House program. He is an accomplished painter with numerous exhibits to his credit. He is a graduate of FCI Academy and has continued his arts education through his ongoing apprenticeship with master artist, Richard Duarte Brown.

Andrew Lynn Doak, Jr. - Skater Drew: Dancer, Rapper, Emcee

andrew doak rapping

Andrew Doak, also known as Skater Drew, is the TRANSIT ARTS Dance Captain, and a dancer, rapper, emcee and photographer. He is a 2011 graduate of Marion Franklin High School and attended Columbus State Community College to pursue a career as an Automotive Tech but realized, after several years of college and attending photography master classes at TRANSIT ARTS, that he had a strong interest in photography. He invested in his first DSLR camera and has since been photographing cars, dancers, and his family. He has performed in countless venues throughout central Ohio and beyond with the TRANSIT ARTS Performance Group and works closely with BHB on managing the activities of the TRANSIT ARTS Hip Hop Dance Crew.

Barbara Fant - Poet/Author/Performer

barbara fant

Minister / Poet / Artist Facilitator

Barbara Fant, originally from Youngstown, Ohio is a minister, poet, and artist facilitator. She received her bachelor of art degree in English Literature and Language Arts in 2010 and her Masters of Theological Studies in 2012. She is a former employee of the Huckleberry House and of Art for a Child’s Safe America, working in shelters, correctional facilities, and elementary schools teaching art as a form of healing. She is a member of Transit Arts, ArtFluential of REACH communications, Is Said and the Advance Party, and has also been a regular performer on the radio show Street Soldiers. Commissioned by The Columbus Foundation, her poem “Today, Beginning Again,” written for Columbus’s Bicentennial year, can be found in Revealed: Columbus, The Story of Us. Her first poetry collection, Paint, Inside Out was released in April 2010 from Penmanship Books of New York City when she was awarded The Cora Craig Award for Young Women Authors. Additionally, she is the author of two chapbooks, RibCaged and Them Brilliant Suns, both released in March of 2017. She has been on four National Poetry slam teams from Columbus and has represented the city in five Individual National and World Poetry slam competitions. She placed 8th out of 96 poets in the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam. She currently works at The Columbus Foundation as the Nonprofit Outreach Administrator. Barbara considers poetry her ministry.

Katerina Harris - Program Associate Artist/Administrator

kat at ted x

Katerina Harris is an interdisciplinary artist/administrator/educator with the TRANSIT ARTS youth arts program. She is a professional artist based in Columbus, Ohio whose creative works are focused in visual art, poetry and music. Katerina has been a creative with the TRANSIT ARTS program for seven years and has developed a passion for uplifting and growing youth artists. She has curated and designed multiple art shows for the TRANSIT ARTS program, leads workshops in poetry, art, singing, and drama, and has performed around Ohio with the TRANSIT ARTS Performance Group. She has received numerous commissions and was recently one of four winners of the citywide ArtMakesColumbus/PromoWest Exhibit competition. Katerina has created murals throughout Columbus and her works have been shown in multiple Columbus galleries such as the King Arts Complex, McConnell Art Center, Blockfort, the Cultural Arts Center, and more. Katerina creates images that comment on the world around her through the wonder generated by patterns and colors. She is inspired to show the unique beauty and cadence found in the patterns of those she paints. "People radiate vibration and color, creating their own personal patterns that reflect their own personalities." 


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Keo Khim - Graphic Designer/Visual Artist

keo khimA 2003 graduate of the Interactive Multimedia Technology program at Columbus State, Keo’s design clients include the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, The Wexner Center for the Arts, The Columbus Museum of Art, Post Comedy Theatre, Youth to Youth International and many more. Keo was first involved with CAPACITY as a high school junior when he was selected to join the CAPA Scholars program. He also served as one of six High Five Tickets to the Arts student advisors. He began working with CAPACITY as an intern during his studies at Columbus State Community College and was soon hired as a Program Associate and resident graphic design artist. As a graphic/web designer, he is driven to create when there is vision and purpose, giving his audience a chance to see their own reflection of creativity. He is also a musician who loves to sing and play guitar.