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Community Partners

Ohio Alliance for Arts Education

Connecting children and teens with opportunities

Through the Art in the House program, the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE), and partners TRANSIT ARTS and the Columbus Federation of Settlements connect local artists, arts and cultural organizations and independent arts education programs into a comprehensive network of accessible opportunities for students in grades kindergarten through 12. Special focus is placed on the needs of children during out-of-school hours. 

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SURGE Columbus


  • · CONNECTED LEARNING theories as well as the “HOMAGO” (hang out/mess around/geek out) approach to engage teens in interest-driven projects, fostering 21st-century skills that support core curricular goals in the schools.
  • · A NEW ERA OF PARTNERSHIP among institutions fostering informal “out-of-school” learning and devoted to offering abundant, interesting, and fulfilling programs for area teens, built on shared values and institutional missions.

SURGE Columbus helps create open and connected learning opportunities for teens. Through the program, teens can develop their skills in critical thinking, civic engagement, media literacy, media production, and creative expression. With the collaboration of various institutions in Columbus, SURGE is able to hold workshops and events that enable teens to discover and pursue their learning interests outside of school through:

SURGE re-imagines after-school opportunities for teens in a collaborative rather than competitive context.

LRNG Columbus

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"The world we live in is changing faster than ever.

Our youth of the digital age is offered unprecedented opportunities and new challenges in Columbus and beyond.

Learning that is powerful and relevant and links academics to the real world is the path towards connecting what students learn today to what they'll use tomorrow.

This is a challenge that no single institution will solve on its own. Our community has come together to connect our youth to the rich learning experiences they need both inside and outside of school to discover and develop their talents and ambitions.

LRNG: Columbus is a partnership across our community to ensure all youth have access to creative and academic opportunities in our libraries, museums, parks and other community institutions, as well as access to exciting learning experiences online.

By creating opportunities for young people to explore and discover new interests, LRNG: Columbus fosters the curiosity and resilience youth need to thrive in a world of constant change."

Columbus Federation of Settlements

Central Community House

Central Community House is a comprehensive community center serving near east and near south neighborhoods of Columbus since 1936. It was created as part of the Settlement House movement that brought social services to dwell within in the neighborhoods where the community had the most needs. In this neighbor-to-neighbor, grassroots way, the community members worked together creating a hub where they could give and receive help, quickly and efficiently responding to the most pressing issues and opportunities in their own area at any given time.

Settlement Houses hold to the philosophy of building creative partnerships among people of all races and economic levels for the purpose of creating a society of equal justice and opportunity for all. In this tradition, Central Community House serves as a catalytic agent for neighborhood improvement and increased quality of life. We have a long history of success offering programs such as early education child care, afterschool/summer programs, TRANSIT ARTS/teen development, Seniors Program, neighborhood development and advocacy, family strengthening, social work services, basic/emergency materials assistance and workforce development.

The mission of Central Community House is to empower people to reach their full potential, to be self-supporting and to live cooperatively with all others. 

Clintonville Beechwold Community Resources Center
Gladden Community House
Godman Guild
St. Stephen's Community House